2024 Browning Canada Catalog

BROWNING.COM 128 KNIVES Alloys, Profiles, Edge Grinds, Blade Deployment COMMON BLADE PROFILES Hunting blade profiles are designed to field dress game animals and perform other chores around camp. Inspired by our hunting blade designs, our Everyday Carry (EDC) knives are useful tools for a variety of daily cutting tasks. COMMON KNIFE BLADE ALLOYS BLADE EDGE GRIND STYLES BLADE DEPLOYMENT CLIP POINT TRAILING POINT DEEP BELLY/ SKINNER HOLLOW THUMB STUD Ideal for hunting knives and kitchen cutlery. The stud attached to the rear of the blade offers controlled, one- hand opening. FLAT SPRING ASSIST Offers a durable edge for utility and everyday carry knives. A spring contained in the handle aids in fast deployment of the blade. CONVEX BALL BEARING A heavy-duty edge for cutting tools like machetes, hatchets, and axes. With a long sweeping belly and sharp point, the knife is suited for processing fish and game. Thinner in the spine, the blade is used to quickly puncture through hides and slice through game meat. A heavy-duty tip makes the knife easy to control. Ideal for butchering or field dressing game. The blade pivots on a precision ball bearing that minimizes friction for smooth deployment. SERRATED NAIL NICK Scalloped teeth easily cut through heavy fiber materials like rope, webbing, and sinew. A strong blade for skinning game, cutting through thick tendons, and nicking bones. A classic style, where the blade is opened using a fingernail in a small blade recess. DROP POINT 420J2 A tough alloy often used in surgical instruments. It is easy to sharpen and is corrosion resistant. 440C A classic and proven hunting blade steel that produces an excellent balance between edge retention, ease of sharpening and corrosion resistance. Sandvik 12C27 A well-balanced Swedish alloy with excellent edge retention that is easy to sharpen. 9Cr14MoV 9Cr18MoV Tough imported alloys with impressive edge retention and great corrosion resistance. 7Cr17MoV An all-around solid, budget- friendly imported stainless steel that sharpens easily and retains an edge. D2 A rugged high carbon steel often used for heavy-duty cutting tools. This material offers excellent edge retention. Sandvik 14C28N Top-grade steel ideally suited for applications that place very high demands on edge sharpness, edge retention, blade hardness and corrosion resistance. Damascus This traditional steel is highly valued by collectors and users alike. Multiple layers of forged steel create amazing visual appeal, and is very easy to sharpen. 8Cr13MoV 8Cr14MoV Rugged imported steel alloys that provide great corrosion resistance and edge retention. BROWNING KNIFE DESIGN AND STYLING. It is common for a hunting knife to cut through animal hide matted with dirt or strike a heavy bone, quickly dulling the sharpest blade. For this reason we have carefully selected steels that maintain a great cutting edge and can easily be sharpened by hand in the field. Our blade shapes, edge grind styles and steel alloys will meet the needs of the most discerning users.