2024 Browning Canada Catalog

BROWNING.COM 168 BROWNING CAMOUFLAGE TECHNOLOGY Browning OVIX is developed to be versatile and highly effective in a variety of big game environments, types of terrain, and seasons. The art of OVIX is the intentionally-placed brown, gray, and green hues that succeed in doing what all camo patterns strive to do – break up the outline of the hunter at any distance and make the human form indistinguishable. OVIX was created using color analysis, strategic shading, and incorporated shape manipulation to create a consistent pattern of concealment and optical movement. The color pallet utilizes high contrast to break up shapes during engagements at closer range for bow hunters. For rifle hunters at greater distances, the shapes blend to create a natural mirage rather than a dark “blob” that is common in many camo patterns. The combination of atmospheric optics and white-light color scatter create the essential background to this revolutionary camouflage pattern. OVIX has been evaluated extensively by our Pro Staff and proven successful on elk, moose, whitetail, mule deer, and varmint hunts. In 2023 Browning introduced AURIC concealment and presented a system of products to the waterfowl hunting community. AURIC is a technical interpretation of the wetland and dry grass terrain from an aerial point of view. Browning AURIC utilizes a combination of natural- occurring colors with abstract shapes that cause vertical and horizontal disruption, confusing waterfowl and preventing them from pinpointing colors that naturally draw focus. AURIC is specifically engineered to displace the hard silhouette of the human shape during overhead and flyby encounters. The yellow and tan colors overtake the dark brown at further distances and cause a color-blending effect. Additionally, atmospheric optics and white-light color react with the yellows and tans to reduce any optical footprint. During the cold front weather systems, AURIC exploits MIE lighting to replicate a hazy or washed-out appearance for even greater effectiveness. With the development of AURIC and its primary end use for cut fields and wetland environments, it only made sense to enhance the Wicked Wing apparel collection.