Browning Canada 2021 Catalog

HOW DOES GORE-TEX ® WORK? The Gore-Tex ® membrane is an extremely thin layer of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePTFE) with over 9 billion pores per square inch. The pores in the Gore-Tex membrane are too small to allow water droplets and wind to pass through. The pores are, however, large enough to “breathe” and allow moisture vapor from evaporating perspiration to pass through the membrane. Gore-Tex protects from both the elements and perspiration, even when hiking. Because the skin stays dry, even under exertion, the wearer stays warm and comfortable. This breathable comfort and durable waterproof and windproof protection is perfect for hunters of all activity levels. Lastly, because every stitch is a potential leak, every seam in Browning Gore-Tex garments is taped. Browning garments with Gore-Tex not only meet the tough standards of Browning, they meet the high standards of Gore. Every new prototype is put through a battery of tests in Gore labs. Only if the samples meet the strict weatherproof performance standards of Gore are they approved for production. And with Gore-Tex, it isn’t just about short-term waterproofness; there is an emphasis on the long-term durability and protection from the fabric. Gore-Tex is designed to effectively deliver the goods, keeping the user dry and warm for many years to come. The Gore ® Rain Room is more impressive than it may sound. This simulated two-storm room can mimic nearly any type of precipitation, with water plunging from the ceiling and also from ports in the walls. To meet the minimum rain rating, a garment must bear 30 minutes of rain at a rate of 3" per hour. To earn the maximum storm rating, garments must withstand 60 minutes of rain at a monsoonal rate of 22" per hour. If a garment has a weakness to water, the Rain Room is sure to expose it. Browning Gore-Tex garments pass the rigors of the Rain Room with flying colors. The Gore ® Environmental Chamber is a state-of-the-art testing laboratory that is capable of recreating between 85 to 95 percent of the environments on the earth’s surface. The range of conditions is achieved through accurate control of temperature (-50C–+50C), relative humidity (5-98%), wind speed (0-10 m/s), and natural solar radiation (0-1100 W/m2) that can replicate a complete solar cycle from sunrise to sunset. This high-tech room allows Gore to evaluate the performance of its products in a variety of conditions and collect data on the protection provided and comfort of the wearer. As the wearer exercises and begins to perspire, wind speed and temperature can be adjusted to check for how windproof and breathable the fabric is. THE GORE ® RAIN ROOM THE GORE ® ENVIRONMENTAL CHAMBER GORE-TEX INFINIUM ™ : THE SCIENCE BEHIND COMFORT GORE-TEX INFINIUM ™ is an approach to weathering the storm from Gore, the industry leaders in comfort science. The GORE-TEX INFINIUM membrane manages the environment by blocking out wind while allowing moisture vapor from perspiration to escape. This breathable protection reduces the chilling effect of wind while reducing the risk of overheating during activity. A durable outer fabric treatment (DWR) is added to GORE-TEX INFINIUM and provides the additional protection of water repellency. WASHING Washing clothing usually wears them out faster than wearing does. Rows of washing machines, without timed cycles, stress Gore ® products and enable longevity testing. Gore also confirms that normal washing won’t result in decreased performance. FLEX The Gelbo Flex test is designed to check how well a fabric will perform in high stress areas such as the knee and elbow. Repeat motion checks for holes, cracking and excessive wear of the fabric. BREATHABILITY The Moisture Vapor Transfer Rate test measures breathability. Body temperature water is separated by a Gore-Tex ® membrane. A cup with a Potassium Acetate salt solution is placed on the membrane. The cup is weighed before and after the test to determine how much water vapor passes through the membrane. TOUGHNESS Our fabrics undergo the Martindale Abrasion test that measures the abrasion resistance of the fabric. The Puncture, Propagation and Tear (PPT) test measures how resistant the fabric is to penetration by sharp objects and how the fabric reacts if compromised. RIGOROUS PRODUCT TESTING A battery of laboratory tests have been developed to ensure that products bearing the Gore ® name are up to their standards. Manufacturers using Gore technologies, like Browning, are required to send samples to Gore labs where they are put through the wringer, literally, guaranteeing that survival indoors translates into dry comfort outdoors. GORE ® TECHNOLOGY 188