Browning Canada 2020 Catalog

Feature an Benefi KINEMATIC DRIVE SYSTEM • Kinetic energy is defined as the energy of motion. • The A5 uses kinetic energy to power the recoil-operated Kinematic Drive System. • Simplicity of design for consistent, reliable function with any load and under the full extremes of weather, temperature, moisture and grime. • Kinematic Drive is so reliable that the A5 is the first ever autoloading shotgun to carry a 100,000 round or five-year guarantee. • Clean operation because gases are sent out the barrel and away from the action. • Extreme load versatility for reliable performance with virtually all factory ammunition down to one ounce field loads with no adjustments. ERGO BALANCED • Balances in the hands from pad to muzzle. • Facilitates a light feel and fast swing. • Promotes smoother follow through. • Places front hand closer to the bore line for superior hand-eye coordination and pointability. ADDITIONAL PROTECTION • The bolt slide, shell carrier, bolt release button and bolt handle are Nickel Teflon ® coated for added corrosion protection, lubricity and makes cleaning easier. The bolt is hard chrome plated for added resistance to wear. RECEIVER • The Humpback Acquisition Advantage extends the sight plane for faster, more natural sight alignment. • Speeds target acquisition. • Constructed from rugged, lightweight aluminum alloy. INFLEX RECOIL PAD • Inflex recoil pads incorporate directional deflection construction that guides the comb down and away from your face, reducing felt recoil for greater shooting comfort and allowing faster, more accurate follow-up shots. • The Inflex recoil pads are made from a soft material for the best recoil absorbing performance available. LENGTH OF PULL ADJUSTMENT • All A5 shotguns include 1/4" and 1/2" stock spacers for length of pull adjustment. TURNKEY MAGAZINE PLUG • The patented TurnKey Magazine Plug is easily removed in seconds using just a door or car key. SPEED LOAD PLUS • Patented feeding system sends the first shell loaded into the magazine directly into the chamber. • Speed Unload feature makes emptying the magazine fast and easy, without chambering and ejecting every shell with the bolt handle. ERGONOMIC BOLT LATCH • Conveniently located just ahead of the trigger guard. • Locks the bolt to the rear when the magazine is unloaded and releases a shell from the magazine when the bolt is closed for faster loading. • Oversized shape makes the bolt latch easy to locate and operate with or without gloves. OVERSIZED TRIGGER GUARD • The trigger guard is large and has carefully rounded edges to accommodate gloved fingers. INTERCHANGEABLE CHOKE TUBES • To maximize versatility and optimize shot pattern performance and versatility, A5 shotguns feature the Invector-DS system. See pages 169 to 173 for our complete line of choke tubes and wrenches. ABS CASE • Sturdy, lockable ABS case is perfect for storing and transporting the A5. ALL BROWNING FIREARMS ARE SHIPPED WITH A FREE LOCKING DEVICE TO ASSIST IN THE SAFE STORAGE OF FIREARMS. TurnKey Magazine Plug ABS Case Invector-DS Choke Tubes Ergonomic Bolt Handle Inflex Recoil Pad OR FIVE YEARS NICKEL TEFLON ® 28