Browning Canada 2020 Catalog

Feature an Benefi BOTTOM EJECTION AND LOADING • Unique bottom ejection throws empty hulls straight down, out of the line of sight. • The BPS is the best pump shotgun choice for both right- and left-handed shooters. RELIABLE PUMP-ACTION • The proven pump-action features rugged steel components. • Rigid double action bars are made from heat- treated steel to eliminate twisting and binding for faster, more efficient slide-action operation. • Reliable in all conditions. • A convenient serrated slide release is located at the rear of the trigger guard. RECEIVER • The receiver is machined from a solid block of forged steel. TOP-TANG SAFETY • The thumb-operated, top-tang safety on the BPS can easily be operated with the right or left hand, even with gloves on. TRIMMABLE COMPOSITE STOCK • The new composite stock features a straight heel section that makes it easy for a gunsmith to shorten the length of pull 3/4" and refit the recoil pad. INFLEX RECOIL PAD • Inflex recoil pads incorporate directional deflection construction that guides the comb down and away from your face, reducing felt recoil for greater shooting comfort and allowing faster, more accurate follow-up shots. • The Inflex recoil pads are made from a soft material for the best recoil absorbing performance available. OVERSIZED TRIGGER GUARD • The trigger guard is large and has carefully rounded edges to accommodate gloved fingers. FLOATING RIB • The floating rib allows the rib and barrel to expand at different rates and move independently of each other. • The floating rib prevents point of impact shifts caused by the barrel heating. INTERCHANGEABLE CHOKE TUBES • To maximize versatility and optimize shot pattern performance, the BPS features the Invector-Plus interchangeable choke tube system. See pages 169 to 173 for our complete line of choke tubes and wrenches. MAGAZINE CAPACITY • 2-3/4": Four in the magazine, one in the chamber. 3": Three in the magazine, one in the chamber. 3-1/2": Three in the magazine, one in the chamber. • A three-shot magazine adaptor plug is included. ALL BROWNING FIREARMS ARE SHIPPED WITH A FREE LOCKING DEVICE TO ASSIST IN THE SAFE STORAGE OF FIREARMS. Bottom Ejection and Loading Top-Tang Safety Reliable Pump-Action Maximum Grip Texture Pumpe U . There just isn’t a better pump-action shotgun than the Browning BPS. For 2020, the BPS receives a face lift that improves the ergonomics, functionality and looks of these tough, reliable shotguns. 42