Browning Canada 2020 Catalog

Feature an Benefi STOCK • Stocks are full-size to more comfortably fit adults. • Walnut stocked Sporter models feature trim dimensions with a satin finish and cut checkering. Walnut Target/Varmint models feature a Monte Carlo comb and wide fore-end for stability on the bench. • All models include a bedded action and dual action screws for solid attachment. • Sling swivel studs included. TRIGGER • The three-lever trigger design combined with a short-travel firing pin give a crisp break, quick lock time, no take-up and minimal overtravel. • Adjustable for pull weight. ACTION • Receiver is machined from steel barstock. • Features crossbolt lockup for strength and smooth operation. • The mainspring runs directly through the massive pivot pin. Cocking effort is split between opening and closing for ease of operation. The bolt features dual extractors and a red cocking indicator band. • Right-side ejection on both right- and left-hand models. TOP-TANG SAFETY • Top-tang, thumb operated two-position safety can be operated without changing from a shooting grip. BARREL • Target/Varmint models feature a 22" medium target profile. • Sporter models feature a 22" medium sporter profile. • Barrel is free-floating with a semi-match chamber and target muzzle crown. OPTICS READY • Receiver is drilled and tapped for scope mounts (not included). See our complete line of scope rings and bases for T-Bolt rifles on pages 154 and 155. DOUBLE HELIX MAGAZINE • 10-round capacity. • The patented Double Helix rotary box magazine uses torsion spring driven interlocking gears for added reliability and easy loading and unloading. ALL BROWNING FIREARMS ARE SHIPPED WITH A FREE LOCKING DEVICE TO ASSIST IN THE SAFE STORAGE OF FIREARMS. Trigger Top-Tang Safety Double Helix Magazine 68 T BOLT