2024 Browning Canada Catalog

BROWNING.COM 9 INFLEX II RECOIL PAD The Inflex II recoil pad uses directional deflection to send the comb down and away from the face, reducing felt recoil for greater shooting comfort and allowing faster, more accurate follow-up shots. The Inflex II pad is made from a soft material for the best recoil absorbing performance available. LOW PROFILE RECEIVER A low profile receiver improves recoil control, reduces muzzle jump, and places the front hand closer to the bore line for superior hand-eye coordination and pointability. These factors contribute to the “one with the gun” feeling of the Citori 725. FIRE LITE TRIGGER This mechanical trigger offers immediate second shot capability without using recoil to set the next shot. Provides improved performance with reduced take-up, a crisp break, and less overtravel. TRIPLE TRIGGER SYSTEM Featured on target models, the adjustable Triple Trigger System lets the shooter set the trigger shoe in one of three positions to fine-tune finger-to-trigger reach. Three interchangeable trigger shoes are included. CHROME CHAMBERS All Citori 725 shotguns feature chrome chambers for increased durability, corrosion resistance, and easier cleaning. PRO BALANCE SYSTEM Citori 725 Pro models include the Pro Balance System that allows the shooter to add or remove weights from the stock and fine-tune the balance point for a perfect mount and swing. INTERCHANGEABLE CHOKE TUBES 12 and 20 gauge models receive the Invector-DS Interchangeable Choke Tube System and 28 gauge and .410 bore models benefit from the Standard Invector system. ERGO BALANCED Incredible balance in the hands facilitates a light feel, fast swing, and promotes a smoother follow through. PRECISION BARRELS Browning barrels optimize shot performance and emphasize durability. A CITORI 725 WEARS IN, NOT OUT Unlike many low-profile over and unders that use variations of a trunnion-style hinge, the Citori 725 features a transverse-mounted, full-width tapered locking bolt and full-width hinge pin for maximum strength and longevity. This design also self-adjusts for wear to keep receiver lock-up tight year after year. RECEIVER MATERIALS Most Citori 725 receivers are machined from steel and feature a durable silver nitride finish that offers improved wear resistance, increased fatigue strength, and added protection against corrosion. Citori 725 Feather models feature a high quality alloy for the receiver that reduces weight and is reinforced with steel components at high wear areas for added durability. Feather models have a tough electroless nickel finish. CITORI 725 Common Features