BROWNING.COM 207 NEWCAMOUFLAGE FROM BROWNING EXTRAORDINARY CONCEALMENT In 2022 Browning introduced OVIX Concealment and presented an extensive system of products to the big game hunting community that included an array of new technical apparel. From late summer archery muley hunts to the frigid whitetail hunts of the midwest, Browning gear with OVIX Concealment was tailored specifically for a variety of seasons and climates. For 2023, we have a similar overhaul prepared for waterfowl hunters. To kick off the overhauled waterfowl program is new Browning AURIC Concealment. AURIC is a technical interpretation of wetland and dry grass terrain from an aerial point of view, specifically engineered to displace the hard silhouette of the human shape during overhead and fly by encounters. As with Browning OVIX, AURIC utilizes a combination of naturally-occuring colors with abstract shapes that cause vertical and horizontal disruption that confuses waterfowl and prevents them from pinpointing colors that naturally draw focus. At farther distances, the yellow and tan colors overtake the dark brown and cause a color-blending effect. Additionally, atmospheric optics and white-light color scattering react with the yellows and tans to reduce any optical footprint. During cold front weather systems, AURIC exploits MIE lighting to replicate a hazy or washed out appearance for even greater effectiveness. With the development of AURIC and its primary end use for cut fields and wetland environments, it only made sense to develop a new line of Wicked Wing apparel. The new line of Wicked Wing apparel runs the gamut from versatile 4 in 1 parkas to lightweight pieces that are ideal for layering or as an outer layer. The combination of AURIC Concealment on a totally new waterfowl program is certain to be a hit with customers. Make sure your shelves are stocked.