BROWNING.COM 53 RECEIVER BAR MK 3 models use an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy receiver and the BAR Mark II Safari uses a blued one-piece ordnance steel receiver with scroll engraving. DETACHABLE BOX MAGAZINE The detachable box magazine attached to a hinged floorplate allows the shooter to lower the floorplate, detach the empty magazine and snap in a full magazine in mere seconds. INFLEX RECOIL PAD BAR MK 3 models include a premium Inflex recoil pad featuring internal directional ribs that move the comb down and away from the cheek to increase shooting comfort. ACTION The BAR is a gas-operated autoloader with a high-strength, rotating bolt that locks into the barrel. The seven-lug bolt and precise breech-to-chamber relationship gives the BAR exceptional accuracy and the strength to handle magnum rifle loads. A strong action bar/inertia block link-up reduces barrel vibration to improve accuracy. An integral buffering system reduces wear and stress on the rifle’s operating system. BAR® Common Features