BROWNING.COM 56 STOCK The stocks are full-size to comfortably fit adults. Sporter models feature trim dimensions with a satin finish and traditional point checkering pattern. Target/Varmint models feature a Monte Carlo comb and wide fore-end for stability on the bench. Dual action screws provide solid attachment to the stock. Sling swivel studs included. TOP-TANG SAFETY The top-tang safety is easy to operate with the thumb without changing from a shooting grip. ADJUSTABLE TRIGGER The three-lever trigger design combined with a short- travel firing pin give a crisp break, with no take-up and minimal overtravel. Adjustable for pull weight. DOUBLE HELIX MAGAZINE The patented Double Helix rotary box magazine uses torsion spring and driven interlocking gears for added reliability and easy loading and unloading. 10-round capacity. BARREL Target/Varmint models feature a 16-1/2" or 22" medium target profile barrel and Sporter models feature a 22" medium sporter profile. The action is bedded to free-float the barrel. A semi-match chamber and target muzzle crown are also included. STRAIGHT PULL BOLT-ACTION The receiver is machined from steel bar stock and features classic crossbolt lockup, with an enlarged bolt handle pivot point moved forward for smoother action. A mainspring runs directly through the massive pivot pin. Cocking effort is split between opening and closing for ease of operation. Includes dual extractors with red cocking indicator band. T-BOLT Common Features