BROWNING.COM 71 SAFES Technology DUO-FORMED® DOOR The best Browning ProSteel safe door is made frommultiple layers of steel formed together to provide superior strength, pry resistance and attack protection. Full second panel adds outstanding strength. The door face is 1-11/16" thick. UNI-FORCE™ LOCKING SYSTEM The finest Browning ProSteel safe locking mechanism uses robust cam locks and a large, multiple diversion bar system to prevent bolt or handle pressure from reaching the lock. Forces go to the cams and diversion bars, not the lock, for protection unmatched by other locking systems. REINFORCED DOOR FRAME The door opening of the safe is strengthened by an integrated return flange to create added pry and attack resistance. 180° HEAVY DUTY HINGES Rugged exterior hinges allow the door to swing open 180° for unhindered access to the safe interior. Door locking bolts maintain security if the hinges are cut off. External hinges eliminate the need to remove insulation which improves fire protection. FORMED DOOR The Formed Door is engineered with a rugged steel face. Back and reinforcement panels provide excellent strength and attack protection compared to the competition. FORCE DEFLECTOR™ LOCKING SYSTEM The Force Deflector Locking System (U.S. patent #7,665,405) prevents bolt or handle forces from reaching the lock by using a rotating cam device. It prevents energy transfer to the lock better than most systems used in the safe industry. Pry-Stop End Bolts replace the top and bottom locking bolts on the door side and secure the critical door corners. Pry-Stop End Bolts are over two and one-half times longer than a standard bolt. They attach to high- strength angle steel that prevents the locking bolt support bar from bending in a pry attack. OMNIBARRIER® LOCK PROTECTION SYSTEM A carefully engineered structure of steel hard plate and steel components designed to protect the safe lock from drill, punch and push attacks. Pry-Stop Corner Bolts (U.S. patent #8,276,527) provide better protection than other pry-defense designs. Innovative long locking bolts extend diagonally from a reinforced support at the corners of the door to protect against pry attack. PRY-STOP TABS Pry-Stop Tabs are pieces of angled steel added to the top and bottom bolts and inside the safe door. These reinforcements work together to increase pry resistance. SERIOUS SECURITY COMPONENTS. To offer protection from thieves and untrained hands, a gun safe must offer robust protection. Browning ProSteel safes call on industry-standard locks, steel hardplate lock protection and precision-made diversion bar locking systems to guard against pry, punch and drill attacks. Tried and true round bolts are chrome plated for smoothness and attached to the bolt bar with a combination of heavy-duty hardware and strong, professional welds. SOLID BOLTS OFFER INCREASED STRENGTH.